Mindful Living . . .
   Because life is filled with challenges.

Our reaction to challenges causes suffering or peace. We may not be able to control events, but we can choose our attitude in any given set of circumstances. Through mindfulness, a conscious bringing of attention to the present moment without judging, it is possible to notice how thoughts affect our well-being, making us miserable or bringing joy. With awareness, and a willingness to face what arises in body and mind, we learn to be kinder and less reactive. Being here now, in this moment, as it is, we can be balanced and calm even in the midst of uncertainty. Bringing love and compassion to the moment and ourselves helps us face what arises, meeting it with wisdom rather than fear.

Our Intention: Well-being
The Goal: Peace

We offer consultation and education in the application of mindfulness with loving kindness for: Cancer Care in hospitals, cancer centers and clinics, psychotherapists, physicians, nurses, social workers and other healthcare professionals, patients, families, caregivers, spas and fitness centers.

Private consultation, lectures, workshops and training in mindfulness meditation including Meditations for Healing and Stress Reduction.

Sessions for groups can be arranged, as well as classes in mindfulness-based stress reduction and meditation instruction, including single classes and demonstrations.



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